Pinoy Games

Filipino children are a lively bunch. This is most obvious in the types of games they play. You can always hear their warm laughter as they indulge in any of these games. The loser is usually made to face consequences dictated by the kids he/she plays with.

Philippine Games

Here, several other native children’s games and the description on how each game is played are enumerated.

Traditional Filipino Children's Games
The games “break the chain”, “patintero” and “touching ball” are discussed in detail in this site.

Mga Larong Kinagisnan
The different games played by children on the streets are described here. These are hulaan, suot lungga, it it bulaga, pitik-bulag, jack en poy, siklot, rubber band game, day & night, siksik bulak, where’s the ring, sipa (for boys and for girls), sumping, bunong braso, greased bamboo pole, bilao, going to market, open the house, cat and mouse, laglag panyo, bending body with bakya or tsinelas, kapit bakod, statue, patintero, taguan, takip-silim, aso at pusa, luksong tinik and tumbang preso.

Mga Larong Pilipino
Here, you can find more games that are played “Only in the Philippines”. These are agawang sulok, araw-lilim, bulong pari, iring-iring, kapitang bakod, lawin at sisiw, luksong-tinik, patintero, palo-sebo, piko, presohan, pusa at aso, taguan, takip-silim, tawanan and viola.

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