Department Of Trade and Industry
The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is the key agency of the Philippine government that is tasked to create a business-friendly environment that promotes and facilitates the growth of investment, trade and industry. It promotes competition and enforces fair trade laws to protect the welfare of consumers and enable them to get value for their money.

Bureau of Internal Revenue (e-services)
Raising revenues for the government through effective and efficient collection of taxes, quality service to taxpayers, and impartial and uniform enforcement of tax laws

Securities and Exchange Commissions
Registration of securities, analysis of every registered security, evaluation of the financial condition and operations of applicants for security issue, screening of applications for broker's or dealer's license and supervision of stock and bond brokers as well as the stock exchanges

RFM Corporation
RFM Corporation is one of the largest food and beverage conglomerate in the Philippines. It gives the Filipino consumer world-class products at affordable prices.

Makro is a high volume, low price, low cost, no refills cash and carry wholesales that provides products suited to the needs of its its professional consumers like hotels, restaurants, caterers and small retailers and sari-sari stores.

Boracay Business Center
Boracay Business Center is a real estate office that offers services in the sale, lease, and development of prime properties such as houses, lots, beachfronts, luxury villas, resorts, apartments, and the likes.

CellCards.Com -
Offers high quality connections with low rates at 100% money-back guarantee. The web site allows access to a vast database of information for calling overseas.

Damit: Clothing for Filipinos -
Damit Store is an Online Clothing Shop where you can place orders for adult and baby apparel, caps, bags and postage accessories.

English-to-Tagalog -
Has a team of translators from English to Tagalog that guarantees translations of documents that convey the original message which creates the impact you wish to achieve with the target audience.

Express Order System, Inc
Wholesale and retail distributor of law enforcement and security products, laboratory crime equipments and audio-photo-video security

Eyespy Detectives & Investigators
Awarded as the Best Private Detective Agency by the Asian Institute of Management, it provides nationwide service to businesses, individuals and some legal firms and insurance companies.countermeasures.

Gilly's Homepage -
Send text or SMS message from the internet to your phone. Call your relatives in the USA using your computer for FREE. Know the latest not only in the mobile phone industry, but also in our country - join the FORUM.

Franchise Link Asia
FRANCHISe LINK ASIA is an Internet portal that provides data on franchise companies and their corresponding franchise programs. FRANCHISELINKASIA.COM is a web site that allows entrepreneurs to research on available franchise programs online. It provides a convenient avenue for obtaining basic information about franchise programs.

FRANSOURCE INC. (FSI) was created to further aid the franchise potential of the Philippines. The Company’s core values stems from the belief that entrepreneurship through franchising is a viable alternative and complements the Filipino’s inherent entrepreneurial spirit.
This web site offers you new franchises to open in the Philippines, Grab the opportunity or simply just browse on the new franchises available.

International Franchising
Francorp Philippines is part of the worldwide network of Francorp International with headquarters in Chicago, USA. Organized in Manila in 1996, our primary mission is to assist Filipino businesses discover their franchise potential and rapidly expand their operations, nationally and internationally, through franchising. Secondarily, Francorp aims to assist local and foreign franchisors improve or revitalize their existing franchise operations and help them expand in international markets.

LearnTagalogNow is a Web site where you can purchase online a number of audio formats, e.g., CD belt pack, pillow speakers, MP3, among others, to learn to speak conversational and business Tagalog. These media forms contain basically Tagalog translations from the English language.

Sunshine's Sari-sari Store
Sunshine's Sari-sari Store is an online Filipino retail store in the United States where you can order the products you have been used to having around the house all the time and cooking ingredients which make your home-cooked meals taste distinctly Pinoy.

Truth Verifier Systems, Inc.
Serving the Philippines since 1966, services include:Assets/Property Searches, Background Checks, record searches,Missing Person, Process Serving, Worker's Compensation Claims, Insurance Fraud Investigations and Surveillance in the Philippines only.

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