As the Philippines maintains diplomatic relations with all countries the world over, most of them have offices such as embassies and consulates here.

US Embassy

The Philippines gained independence from the United States government in 1946. The relationship between the two nations, to this time, has included political, administrative, economic, public diplomacy and consular affairs managed through the American ambassador who has kept office in the Philippines eversince.

Australian Embassy

The Embassy represents Australian government agencies which offer a variety of services including consular assistance, immigration functions, trade and investment promotion, development and defence cooperation and the promotion of Australian art and culture in the Philippines.

Canadian Embassy

Trade links between Canada and the Philippines continue to grow steadily. The Philippines has become Canada's largest agri-food export market in Southeast Asia. This has created jobs in the Philippines. In return, Canadians get the goods they want at competitive prices.

French Embassy

Know about the divisions within the embassy and their respective roles. The web site also provides details about France-Philippines Relations which includes politics, economy, cooperation and cultural aspects. It provides information about France's tourist destinations and entry regulations.

German Embassy

The mutual understanding between Germany and the Philippines is the foremost goal of this web site. Through time, the relationship between the two countries has remained problem-free. As Germany advocates free world trade, the Philippine government counts on its support to further open up the world market for Philippine products.

Japanese Embassy

Due to the interdependence in trade and investment between the Philippines and Japan, the two nations enjoy a friendly and mutually beneficial relationship. They share a partnership that has become solid and continue to explore new ways to share information about themselves and utilize the available means to learn about the other.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Embassy

Focuses on maximizing commercial opportunities in power, energy, agri-business, transport, water and financial services investments in the Philippines, the key areas of cooperation such as human rights issues, environment. Its foremost goal is the development of the already substantive bilateral relationship in close government-to-government relations to have contact at all levels of civil society.

Embassy of Switzerland

This web site gives you an idea of the Swiss political and economic structures, their educational system, cultural activities and tourism, online visa applications. For Swiss citizens, answers to their most frequently asked questions is provided here. Business establishments looking for tie-ups with Swiss firms can find access to the commercial section link here.


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