Government Electronic Services

A thrust of the Arroyo administration, government offices focus on information technology developments to provide e-services or electronic services to the people.

Bureau of Internal Revenue Electronic Filing and Payment System
Electronic processing and transmission of tax return information made over to the internet.

Department of Budget and Management Electronic Procurement Service
The EPS represents the government of the Philippines' first step towards electronic procurement practices that will provide both government agencies and suppliers a more open, transparent and competitive environment for the procurement of goods and services by the Government.

Department of Foreign Affairs Online Passport Renewal Service
DFA Passport Direct Online eliminates the hassle of traveling to and queuing at the DFA early in the morning. It offers the ultimate convenience of transacting over the internet and having it delivered to you wherever you are.

Without leaving his office or the privacy of his home, a GSIS member can take a quick look at or download his statement of accounts and all his transactions on his policy, salary, emergency and housing loans.

National Bureau of Investigation Online Complaint Sheet
The National Bureau of Investigation establishes and maintains a modern, effective and efficient investigative service and research agency.

National Mapping and Resource Information Authority
The National Mapping and Resource Information Authority web site provides a daily journal of sunrise/sunset and high/low tide for the different parts of the country.

National Statistics Office E-Census
The e-Census started serving NSO customers in March 2001. In this web site, you can file online requests for civil registry documents (birth, marriage and death).


Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration 24 Hour Weather Forecast
PAG-ASA provides flood and typhoon warnings, public weather forecasts and advisories, meteorological, astronomical, climatological, and other specialized information and services 24/7.

Securities and Exchange Commission I-Register
SEC-iRegister verifies the availability of the desired name for corporation or partnership, reserving the verified available name, registration of business organization.

The TIN on the Web

caters to taxpayers classified as PROFESSIONALS, which are persons in the practice of profession or calling, such as those engaged in computer, creative or performing arts, engineering, health, law, social science, teaching, personnel and human resource development, finance and sales, writing and journalism and others.

The Philippine eLib
The Philippine eLib is a project of the Commission on Information and Communication Technology (CICT) established primarily to provide a library and information services network to academic and government institutions and to promote and accelerate the exchange of knowledge resources among various sectors of the society locally and globally, among others. Its emphasis is on Philippine materials created and integrated for the “critical mass” of the eLibrary infrastructure and services.


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