In the Philippines, the regular courts engaged in the administration of justice are organized into four (4) levels. At the highest level is the Supreme Court; and in it are lower courts - those at the three other levels - that judicial power is vested. They are collectively known as the Judiciary. As thus organized, they comprise what is referred to as the Integrated Judicial System.

Department of Justice
Department of Justice web site sketches and outlines the functions of the different constituent agencies and bureaus under the Department of Justice and gives an immediate and ready reference to the reader.

Supreme Court of the Philippines
The Supreme Court as a unique institution with exclusive power to declare what the Constitution is to review executive and legislative acts, is the Philippines' permanent legacy from America's adventure in empire building in the Pacific.

Department of Interior and Local Government
The DILG supervises over local government units, oversees and monitors the implementation of the Local Government Code of 1991, enhances the capabilities of the local government units for self-governance, and implement plans and programs on local autonomy.

Philippine National Police
The Philippine National Police is initially composed of the members of the former Philippine Constabulary (PC) and Integrated National Police (INP) who opted to join the PNP. The PNP enforces the law, prevents and controls crime, maintains peace and order, and ensures public safety and internal security with active support of the community.

Armed Forces of the Philippines

The Armed Forces of the Philippines is the country's vigilant guardian of democracy which strives and works to maintain the freedom of the country. Formerly known as the Philippine Army, it was renamed to include the Philippine Air Force, the Philippine Navy and the Philippine Constabulary in 1950.


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