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A Web log, more popularly known as blog, is a Web site where an individually created personal journal is made publicly accessible. Topics may include politics, culture, travel journals, or a blogger’s personal experience, among others. Bloggers, i.e., blog authors, create blogs to share views about topics of their choice, visitors may post comments. Blog posts are arranged from most recent down to the oldest. Philippine blogs are fairly new but have gained continued popularity. Here are some active sites:

  • Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, Inside PCIJ: Stories behind our Stories. PCIJ is an independent, nonprofit media agency that specializes in investigative reporting. The Center provides the bases for arriving at informed opinions and decisions to promote public welfare. Blogs are about political, military, environmental, health, business and women issues.

  • DZRH is the longest-running AM station in the Philippines. It is known for its tradition of fair, balanced and fearless broadcasting.

  • Market Manila is the blog site dedicated to find special ingredients, what local produce exists, and where to buy specialty food items.

  • Pinoy Travel Blog The Filipino guide to Philippine travel destinations. It aims to serve as a guide to tourists and travelers and educate the reading public through the eyes of bloggers with diverse backgrounds, different perspectives and experiences in traveling.

  • Pinoy Tech Blog Posts are about e-commerce, imaging and photography, tech tips and wireless technology.

  • Dean Francis Alfar's Blog is the blog site of the 8-time Carlos Palanca Awardee. It also has links to his award-winning literature pieces.

  • Manuel L. Quezon III Blog site of a writer/historian. Topics are about Philippine politics, history, and way of life.

  • Yuga Tech Posts are about technology news and reviews, toys and gadgets, netrepreneur, computers.

  • Ellen Tordesillas is a journalist who writes in a number of publications.

  • Luis V. Teodoro is a former dean of the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication, where he teaches journalism. He writes political commentary for the newspaper Business Mirror.

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