Information Technology: Search Engines

These search engines can give you references to other Philippine web sites:

Mukamo! Web Directory
- contains a directory of Philippine-related web sites about computers and the Internet, arts and humanities, business and economy, and sports and leisure , among others, submitted by viewers from all over the country. It has forums where people exchange ideas about the hottest Pinoy pop culture topics.

Hello Manila
- reports the latest in Philippine news, commentaries
- has a listing of the places to stay in the Philippines like banks and hotels, telephone numbers of the different embassies in Manila, Philippine news, maps and a whole lot more
- aims to keep Filipinos all over the world informed by providing links to major broadsheets, magazines, government guide and the likes
– provides an index of Philippine-related web pages to provide better solutions to information-seekers on the Internet
- the portal search engine that provides the most comprehensive news and information on the Philippines
- a search engine with a load of free-stuff directory

Alleba Filipino Search Engine
- the search engine that contains primarily Filipino-related web sites wherein the search can be performed in Tagalog and Visaya
- a Philippine search engine that indexes all Philippine-related web pages
- a search engine that links all the best sites in the Philippines
- the Philippines’ premiere search engine geared towards global excellence in serving Filipinos in the e-commerce business

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