A visit to the Philippines is a very good idea. Travel expenses are low compared to other countries, the culinary fare is diverse and the hospitality of the Filipino people is legendary in Southeast Asia.

Travel destinations such as the world famous Boracay Islands is just one of the many choices you can visit here. Accomodations can be suitably fit to your budget and preferences. You'll surely find whatever fits you. You can visit the Philippine Tourism Authority web site for additional information.

The islands of the Philippines can be conveniently divided into three groups. First, there is Luzon, the largest and northernmost island and the site of the capital, Manila. At the other end of the archipelago is the second largest island, Mindanao. Third, there is the tightly-packed island group known as the Visayas. There are seven major islands in this group - Panay, Negros, Cebu, Bohol, Leyte, Samar and Masbate. Cebu is the central island of the group and Cebu City is a major tourist destination.

Filipinos are fun-loving people. This evidently shows when the sun sets as the nightlife begins to unravel. And you will find world class entertainment here even in small bars as the Filipinos are one of the best entertainers around the globe.

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